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New video of para bellvm - russian dark-rock band - song "Sin" [03 Jun 2011|07:49pm]

para bellvm's song "Sin" from album "The City Of Men" 2011

Voodoo Pictures production
director - Vadim Berezin
cameraman - Anton Rudenko
art-director - Viktoria Tribunskaya

Punch - Daria Petuhova
King - Juliano Di Capua
Devil - Pavel Trifanov
1st Lady - Olesya Kulida
2nd Lady - Eugenia Burakova
1st Man - Nik Potehin
2nd Man - Alexander Dyachenko
Little girls - Alya & Lina Novikova
1st Girl - Ekaterina Novikova
2nd Girl - Yana Burkovskaya

technical director - Nikolay Bondarev

para bellvm
Vladimir Burkovskiy - keyboards
Elena Novikova - bass
Leonid Novikov - voice
Andrey Strigotskiy - drums
Constantin Yudin - giutar

manager: Elena Osokina (clockorange.wife@gmail.com)

Sin - english translationCollapse )

para bellvm new album The City Of Men 2011Collapse )
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russian dark-rock band - para bellvm - new album "The City of Men" 2011 [01 Apr 2011|06:52am]

The group says:
It so happened that we made a new album. We got an idea about it two years ago, right after release of "The Book of Kings", but due to different reasons we've created and completed it just now. "The City of Man" has in itself all the grief and joy, all the fears and worries of recent years. Everything that surrounded us for these three years is now under the cover.  

Artist: para bellvm
Album: The City of Men
Year: 2011
Genre: gothic rock / dark rock
Country: Russian Federation
City: Saint-Petersburg
Format: MP3 CBR 320 kbps / flac
Official site: www.parabellvm.ru
Links: vkontakte.ru/parabellvm, www.myspace.com/parabellvm

all archives include pdf-cover with translating songs on english

Links to file:
mp3 CBR 320 - http://narod.ru/disk/8797804001/para_bellvm-2011-the_city_of_men_mp3_en.rar.html
flac - para_bellvm-2011-the_city_of_men_flac_en.rar

torrent mp3 file
torrent flac

and with russian text
mp3 CBR 320 - 2011 - para bellvm the city of men [mp3 CBR 320].zip
flac - 2011 - para bellvm the city of men [flac].zip
torrent - rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3412138


01 - Sin
02 - Iskorosten
03 - The Game (cover-version Kino)
04 - Barren Flower
05 - Flowers' Magic Flight
06 - Damage
07 - The City of Men
08 - In the Electric Sky

Bonus tracks:

09 - God Lives Under Water (Altera Forma Bristol mix) [bonus track]
10 - Eternal Ice (Theodor Bastard industrial mix) [bonus track]
11 - Arise Maiden (Stillife darkwave mix) [bonus track]
12 - 5 Minutes of Love (Vidna Nebo trance-jungle mix) [bonus track]

All songs by para bellvm, except "The Game" by Viktor Tsoy, Kino
Recorded by para bellvm; produced, mixed, and mastered by Vlad Avy (Chibi Productions Studios, Toronto, Canada), 2011

The new album may be downloaded for free via links available at the official website, at www.myspace.com/parabellvm and in the official group at Vkontakte social network. You can also thank the group via webmoney (if you wish E344830625649 for euro, Z899979583213 for US dollars) or buy an album on a very special data medium with bonus tracks either at concerts or by order.
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Russian goths - R.I.P. Magazine 5 Years Birthday Party - live report from Saint-Petersburg, Russia [09 Jun 2010|07:13pm]


15 may 2010, Saint-Petersburg, Pamela Club
- Awards & live show of participants of R.I.P. Magazine's Birthday Party
- live show of PLASTIC SNOW art-project

Copyright © 2010 DarkRadio.RU

NB: you can download free last album of para bellvm "Book Of Kings" from http://rghost.ru/1822573

Tracks transcription / Literal translation & one song in englishCollapse )
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some news from russian bands - para bellvm & VELENA [24 May 2010|04:58am]

Dear ladies & gentlmen

Please can we present to you some wonderful pictures story from a photoes from magnificent R.I.P. Magazine Birthday Party May, 15th in Petersburg club Pamela.

Next step - fan video from para bellvm's gig at Glavclub - SaintPetersburg, Russia 21.03.2010

And here what request... Please vote for para bellvm and VELENA at competition EuroVoice 2010. Voting simple and easy. Interested persons and at all I can vote time an every day absolutely easily and free of charge.

Thank you so much for your attention!
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we are love you - para bellvm band from Russia [24 Dec 2009|12:32pm]

83.88 КБ

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Bella Morte-Ego Likeness-Versailles Fall tour starts this week! [20 Oct 2009|03:30am]

10 years as a band, 10 years married....
If you want to help the cause there is a print quality version here: http://www.egolikeness.com/flyers/09/tourflyerprint.jpg

Please spread the word.
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Russian goth & rock video [19 Sep 2009|03:40am]


You Tube channel - some pretty goth & rock video from Russia - clips & live reports

You Tube канал - занимательные гот и рок видео - клипы и живаго.


send your video for display
шлите свое видео для показа
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Облака (The Clouds) - new video of para bellvm - russian dark-rock/gothic/post-punk band [11 Sep 2009|03:55am]


AMV (anime music video) by "Kumo no mukou, Yakusoku no basho" - "Beyond the Clouds" - director Makoto Shinkai.

Song from album "The Book Of Kings"
Shadowplay records 2008
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para bellvm - dark-rock band from Russia [17 May 2009|04:00am]


some info about band: http://myspace.com/parabellvm

Download album "Book Of Kings": http://rapidshara.ru/59532

other news:
para bellvm's song "Clouds" ("Oblaka") was included in Zillo magazine CD-compilation:

Review on New para bellvm's album "Book Of Kings" by Mick Mercer: http://mickmercer.livejournal.com/930918.html

New para bellvm's tour: june 2009
6.06 Latvia, Riga - Depo
9.06 Lithuania, Vilnius - Alus Namai
12.06 Hungary, Budapest - Gyar (with Shyzzo.Com)
13.06 Slovak Republic, Bratislava - SubClub (with The Last Days Of Jesus)
16.06 Germany, Dresden - Alte Feuerwache Loschwitz
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Brain Damage Films - "Become a Vampire" Contest [29 Oct 2008|11:58am]


Vampeggedon is filming locally. I'll be helping to produce as well as gaffing (lighting). You should definitely enter and help support indy horror films!
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[28 Jun 2008|08:23am]

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We Also Need Zombies! [05 Jun 2008|11:16pm]

I forgot to put in that we need people to play Zombies on the 11th, 12th, 13th, 28th, and 29th.
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Looking For PA's & Extras [05 Jun 2008|03:39pm]

Blood Moon Rising, an independant feature will be shooting June 7th to July 1st at CJS Studios in West Phoenix.

We are looking for PA's and Interns in every department for June 7th - July 1st. We understand if you cannot come out for the entire shoot due to work, etc. Contact us and we'll work something out.

We are also looking for extras that can commit to entire nights.

June 15 and 16 - We need people who own their own armor to play Orcs.

June 19th - We need 4 Go-Go dancers with outfits that would fit in a 1969 Biker Bar (leathers, etc) and a female Bartender who is approximately 5'3 and size 4-5 (will be losing costume to a main character, just like in Terminator, so must be this size).

June 21st - We need extras with their own old west costumes. (All Ages, under 18 with parent present)

June 28th - We need extras with their own 1960's hippie outfits. (18+ preferred, teens with parent may be okay)

They will recieve screen credit.

These are not paid positions.

Contact us at whatchadrinking@gmail.com.

Robert Guthrie
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The Last Dance to open for Peter Murphy on June 3 in Anaheim! [28 May 2008|10:16am]

[ mood | excited ]

We're opening for Peter Murphy
on June 3 at the Anaheim House Of Blues!

We're playing a half hour set and will be be performing
our new and as-of-yet unreleased song, CAGES.

Cages will be released officially on Dancing Ferret Disc's
forthcoming Hot Topics compilation.

It's will be a special treat, so be there @ 8:00pm SHARP!
It's an ALL AGES show, so we look forward to seeing all of you!

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New Community: Goth City Maps [17 May 2008|11:46am]

Hey all,

Just wanted to let you know about a new community
gothcitymaps  which aims to get people all over the world to create Google maps of their cities to serve as a valuable resource to any dark alternative types who visit those cities.

Currently we're looking for as many submitters as we can get (obviously one for every city on Earth :P). We are also going to be hopefully needing community moderators (perhaps one for each contributing country?), first preference will be given to map contributers.

Thanks and happy map building!
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FREE 2nite: Glamour Shot, The Rebel Set & The Early Black, Yucca Tap Room, Tempe, AZ [07 May 2008|11:58am]

I play drums in Glamour Shot, tonight is our first live performance, the show is FREE, doors at 9pm, we're the last of 3 bands to play. Hope to see you there!!!


Venue: Yucca Tap Room
Location: 29 West Southern Avenue, Tempe, AZ
Date: May 7, 2008
Time: 9:00pm
Price: FREE
Ages: 21 and Up
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Saturday, June 21
Alien Sex Fiend with Special Guests Specimen
Warehouse Live Ballroom
Tickets on sale soon.
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5/7/08 Yucca Tap Room: Glamour Shot, The Rebel Set and The Early Black [19 Apr 2008|05:58pm]

flier behind cutCollapse )

Our first show: May 7th at the Yucca Tap Room (Mill & Southern in Tempe) With The Rebel Set and The Early Black. Show starts at 9pm
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The Last Dance, Ego Likenss & Voitaire April 17, Hollywood CA [09 Apr 2008|11:18am]

Never before have has there been a night
of spooky entertainment like this!

One night only in California:

The Last Dance, Voltaire, and Ego Likeness
@ The Knitting Factory
Hollywood, CA
Advance tix: $12 DOS: $15

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Do you like Joy Division? - New Phoenix Based Post Punk Band [27 Mar 2008|12:55pm]

long time no post, sorry, hasn't been much news worthy...but now finally, something to post about! I'm drumming in a band, really excited about it, I'd say the closest thing we sound like is Joy Division...just good dark Post Punk kinda 'ish. scheckit out:

Glamour Shot

I'll let you know just as soon as we're ready to play out.
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